Tanalised™ E

the product.

Our Story

Timber that has been pressure treated with Tanalised™ E, which is Copper Azole based, is the most Eco-friendly treatment that is available on the market and is new to South Africa. When we, as The Pole Yard, heard that this treatment would be available in South Africa, we knew that we had to try everything possible to bring this eco-friendly treatment to you, our customer.

Leeroy Deane, one of the Pole Yard owners, then went on a “mission” to see how he could make this possible. Forming a new business partnership, Leeroy secured a sawmill which already had a treatment facility. With the help of Lonza Wood Protection, the treatment plant was converted into a very neat and modern Tanalised™ E treatment facility.

The Pole Yard is proud to be the face of this eco-friendly treatment here in the Western Cape. Although we are here to offer you this eco-friendly treatment, we mustn’t forget that the current CCA treatment (which is widely used in South Africa) will continue to dominate for some time due to its lower cost and widespread availability. But for those that are looking for that eco-friendly option, then Tanalised™ E is the way to go.

The Pole Yard owners

Benefits of Tanalised™ E:

  • Is the preferred treatment for products that come in close human contact such as fencing, decking, pergolas, and jungle gyms etc
  • Is made up from Organic Azole Biocides and recycled copper and as mentioned before this is new to the South African market.
  • Is used in the long term prevention of wood rot/decay, termites and wood borer.
  • Will be used to treat our poles as well as our timber.
  • Poles and timber are treated in cylinder tanks that undergo a vacuum and pressure cycle that ensures the treatment penetrates into the wood and is retained in the wood.
  • Is green in colour and can also be painted over.
  • Reduces the impact on our environment thanks to the latest plant technology
  • Is the only wood treatment in South Africa which has been independently verified as contributing to achieving Green Building Rating Tool Credits (see related info below)
  • Is the preferred treatment in many other countries.

Related info

The independent verification has been undertaken by Ecospecifier Global, for interesting information on the assessment go to the following link: www.ecospecifier.co.za/products/product-summary/?prodid=27097

Tanalised™ E Points and Tips
  • Once you have cut the treated wood, it is not recommended that you use that end to make any ground contact.
  • Timber or poles that have been cut or notched out should be resealed with green Enseal.
  • Any timber products including those that have been pressure treated should still be coated with a wood coat or wood seal product, these products will penetrate in to the wood which helps protect the wood from the effects of our weather/climate. This will improve the life and look of your timber, it also helps prevent the timber from cracking.
Tanalised™ E hazard class information
  • H2: Interior above ground, for example – Uses such as internal roof structures and interior cladding.
  • H3: Exterior above ground, for example – Timber decking and joists, fencing material, sheds, thatching poles, lathe for pergolas and screens, furniture, pergola framework and carports.
  • H4: Exterior in ground, for example – Jungle gym’s, fencing posts, pergola posts, sign poles, landscaping and retaining.
  • H5: Exterior in fresh water, for example – Freshwater Jetties.