Garden Fencing

If you’re looking for wire and timber fencing, you’re in the right place. We offer a wide variety of garden fencing options to suit your needs.

Our wire fencing options include:

  • PVC & Galvanized diamond wire mesh fencing
  • Welded mesh
  • Hexagonal Netting (chicken mesh)
  • Field fencing
  • Required fittings like galvanised and PVC coils or T-section and Y-section droppers
  • Security accessories, such as Flat Wrap, Barbed Wire, Concertina Coils

Our wooden fencing options include:

  • Planed wooden fencing
  • Latte wooden fencing
  • Picket fencing
  • Rustic timber fencing

Why it’s important that you choose the right type of fencing

When purchasing wooden or wire fencing, you want to ensure you’ve made the right choice. You don’t want to erect a structure that won’t do the job you want it to. That’s why Pole Yard is your best option. We know a lot about fencing and can advise you when necessary.

And, of course, quality is extremely important. You want to be able to fully trust the product you’re buying and that’s why you should go to a seller you know will provide what you need. Fencing is not something you should have to replace after a year. It should be a long-lasting product that you can rely on for years to come.

Pole Yard offers a variety of timber and wire fencing for many different purposes. Whether you want to protect your property, family, plants or livestock, you’ll find what you need in our range.


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