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Give your child their own space with this fun wooden playhouse. It’s everything a child could want for their outdoor play area and it’s more than likely to get them away from the TV, tablet and computer screens and into the garden with all the fresh air they need. Not only will this backyard playhouse offer your little one hours upon hours of entertainment, but it will look good in your garden as well. After all, you take great pride in your outdoor area, so why wouldn’t you want something more aesthetically appealing than a generic children’s plastic playhouse? This wooden structure will definitely add to the polished look of your back or front yard.

When you see a wooden playhouse for sale, your first instinct as a parent will likely be to wonder whether it’s safe for energetic children like your own. Well, our playhouses are made from only the best materials and is crafted with safety in mind. Poleyard products are known to be of high quality, which is why they are so popular. So, you know you can trust that your child will be able to play without any unfortunate incidents happening while you relax in the sun.

Playhouses are great toys for little ones as they encourage imaginative play, which means they will never get bored of playing house. As with a treehouse, a kids outdoor playhouse will give your child the sense that they have their own space. Of course, it’s the perfect size for you to still be able to keep an eye on them while giving them a bit of freedom. In fact, it’s 1.5m in height and 1.8m wide, giving them all the space they need without taking up any unnecessary space in your garden. And you can rest assured that our playhouses are safe to put on grass due to the non-toxic materials used in the making of these playhouses, which means your grass will not be damaged in any way.

You don’t have to wonder how to build your own wooden playhouse because you can buy them at Poleyard, already perfectly built. If you have any questions about this outdoor kids playhouse, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more. You should also feel free to visit one of our branches to see this wooden play structure yourself.

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