About Galvanized & PVC Coils

Galvanized and PVC coils are used to provide main straining wires for your fence and to bind the fence to that straining wire. By using the correct amount of straining and binding wire, you make your wire mesh fence very sturdy (provided the poles have been set correctly of course). The wire coils are sold per coil so please choose your requirements from the options menu below and then send us your enquiry.

*please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice with your wire fencing requirements*

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Galvanized Straining wire, Galvanized Binding Wire, Green PVC Straining Wire, Green PVC Binding Wire, Black PVC Straining Wire, Black PVC Binding Wire

Coil Size

2Kg 1.6mm Gauge 126m, 5Kg 1.6mm Gauge 317m, 1Kg 1.6mm Gauge 49m, 5Kg 1.6mm Gauge 246m, 5Kg 3.15mm Gauge 80m, 50Kg 3.15mm Gauge 810m, 5Kg 3.15mm Gauge 70m, 50Kg 3.15mm Gauge 700m