Backyard Makeover Ideas on a Budget

2020-07-02T21:17:14+02:00Oct 2nd, 2019|Gardening|

As we head into spring, our backyards and outdoor spaces become the main area for lifestyle and entertainment.  After hibernating through winter, your relationship with your backyard maybe like your grass, "a little patchy".  We made it our mission to

3 simple tips for starting your own garden

2020-07-02T21:18:04+02:00Sep 27th, 2016|Gardening|

Gardening is a great hobby. There’s nothing quite like it. You get to take something as simple as a seed or small plant and nurture it until it grows into something beautiful. And gardens aren’t always about having something pretty

An Eco Friendly Garden Solution For Landscapers

2020-07-02T21:19:33+02:00Jun 20th, 2016|Gardening|

Tanalised® E Wood Preservative Provides Landscapers With An Eco-Friendly Garden Solution Nothing matches wood in versatility or appeal. Its warmth and natural beauty works wonders for creating a sense of balance and calm, which makes it the natural choice for

A Winter Project for your Garden

2020-07-02T21:22:14+02:00Sep 4th, 2014|DIY, Gardening|

Spending time in the garden does not have to end with the summer months. Winter is the perfect time to ready your garden for spring. If you prefer small projects, use the colder months to give your gardening tools a

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