Juanru is such a little cutie pie, but really, really shy and does not talk to  strangers at all. We arranged for the jungle gym to be constructed while he  was at playschool so when he arrived home he would have a big surprise.

We set up some Disney characters around the jungle gym with balloons and  our dream box, waiting in anticipation for his arrival. However, when he saw  these strangers in his house, he started crying and did not want to go outside.  It did not take long however for him to notice the jungle gym and then of  course it was a matter of exploring. Buzz Lightyear immediately became his  best friend and they enjoyed taking turns to go down the slide. Mom and  dad also had to come play.

Once he came outside and saw his jungle gym his face lit up and he did not  stop smiling. He has the sweetest smile ever! He was very excited to have his  very own swing set at his home. This means that he can play on it whenever  he likes.

His dad mentioned how much Juanru loves playing on jungle gyms and he  will be spending many happy moments on his special dream come true! This  truly means the world to Juanru and his family. The smile on Juanru’s face  says it all. He looks very very happy.

Heartfelt thanks from us to you Your generosity inspires hope

Reach For A Dream believes that no child should live without hope.  Childhood is intended to be the most magical phase of human  existence, filled with dreams, aspirations and most of all, fun!  

For children who have been diagnosed as having a life-threatening  illness, the wonder of childhood is often lost in the emotional, physical  and financial strain of dealing with their illness.  

Reach For A Dream, thanks in no small part to the benevolence of its  partners, is able to alleviate part of this strain by creating an  extraordinary experience for these children, a day that is focused on  laughter, excitement and fun.

Reach For A Dream would like to wholeheartedly thank the Poleyard Team who made this incredible contribution possible. Your overwhelming support, generosity  and kindness is sincerely appreciated and we are so very grateful to all of you! You  have provided these special children with an extraordinary day that their families will  remember for the rest of their lives, gifts of pure joy and hope.

We cannot imagine that there is any greater gift to give.  

With our sincerest thanks and blessings,

From all of us at The Reach For A Dream Foundation