Noordhoek Beach Gets a New Boardwalk

Posted by The Pole Yard

Recently, The Pole Yard assisted Project Noordhoeked’s latest initiative of a new boardwalk that allows wheelchair access to the beach.

Karoline Hanks, an environmentalist and member of the organisation, says, “the non-profit organisation is dedicated to keeping Noordhoek safe and clean while also providing jobs.”

The original boardwalk was built by SANParks many years ago and it has been extended from the beach to the car park by The Pole Yard as part of Project Noordhoeked initiative.   Previously, there was no wheelchair access and thanks to this project and generous contributors, it’s now completely safe, and it’s made a significant difference to the site.

The Pole Yard donated materials and another local business donated plants for the boardwalk decking project.

More about Project Nooerdhoeked.
For three days a week, Project Noordhoeked employs four people, three from Masiphumelele and one from Red Hill. They pick up trash along roads and in wetlands all the way down to the beach. They also empty the wire whale, Kakapo, when its belly is full of beach litter.

The workers have also landscaped an area that was previously degraded around the eco-brick bench that they built two years ago.  Additionally, they  also clean the sidewalks, keep the beach clean of ocean-borne plastic, collect dog poop as well as keeping public bathrooms clean.

Here are some more pictures from the local initiative.

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