5 Ways to Introduce Outdoor Timber into your Garden this Spring

Posted by The Pole Yard

A subtle change in the weather is all the confirmation we need that spring is on its way. The sun is a little warmer, the wind less chilly, and there’s a distinctive floral scent in the air. If ever there was an excuse to capitalise on time spent outdoors, an all-new season is it! Ok, and the infamous lockdown that has left us feeling a little cooped up. Either way, spending time outside can do wonders for both our senses and our mental states.

Fun fact: Spring is known as the season of renewal but also of the wood element. This is said to represent vitality, growth, and kindness. Traits we’re sure you’d love to incorporate into your outdoor area. Those with larger gardens are fortunate enough to have the trees fulfil some of that wood requirement, but we say there’s always space for more. For those with smaller properties unsure of where outdoor timber would fit in – we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves.

  • Garden Edging

Whether to section off areas of your lawn or protect plants and flowers from kiddies and four-legged friends, garden edging can be both stylish and practical. We love how they keep things neat and tidy yet still manage to highlight outdoor colours and textures.  Those with bigger gardens would benefit more from Latte Panels as they’re a little higher and allow bigger plants and bushes to thrive. Smaller landscapes would benefit from Dropper Edging as it provides an attractive border for more compact flower and vegetable beds.

  • Wooden Fence

Have you ever really considered the benefits of a good ol’ garden fence beyond security? Sure, they’re a great deterrent and ideal for keeping kiddies, dogs and even livestock safe, but they also ensure a sense of privacy and can add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. You can install a wooden fence that surrounds your entire home using rustic timber or planed all round, or introduce latte fencing to your balcony as an alternative to metal, steel, or glass railings.

  • Garden Furniture

One of the easiest ways to incorporate wood or outdoor timber into your backyard is with garden and patio furniture. Not only do they offer you and/or guests a spot to sit, they can also add an element of charm to a once bare garden. Those with bigger properties could consider garden benches for beneath the trees, or a table and bench set to create an outdoor dining area. Smaller spaces could benefit more from items like wooden chairs that you can accessorise with comfy scatter cushions, or wooden bar tables perfect for holding drinks and snacks.

  • Garden Products

Balancing nature with wooden elements is a true art form that when done correctly, can transform a garden into an outdoor oasis. There’s no easier way to get this right than with a beautifully crafted archway. Whether to cover the pathway leading to the front door or strategically placed in between flowerbeds, these outdoor structures are ideal. No space for an archway? That’s ok! Trellises have as much appeal and effortlessly combine nature and wood. Use them to decorate bare garden walls, section off an area, or encourage plants to grow.

  • Planter Boxes

These above-ground structures are ideal for planting your favourite flowers, herbs, and/or delicious fruits and vegetables. The Standing Planter with Trellis is a good option for bigger spaces where creeping plants or vegetables can wind through the strips and continue to grow. The Standing Planter with Shelf is then super handy for storing garden tools, extra pots, or bags of compost etc. For those without a garden, the Tan-E 3 Tier Planter is great for growing ingredients on a balcony. As are the Standing Planter Boxes – perfect for small herb gardens.

As outdoor timber specialists, we’ve got everything you need to incorporate wood into your outdoor living area. We have branches throughout the Western Cape and now in Johannesburg, too! If you’re unable to stop by, browse through our products online.


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