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Retreat is a suburb in Cape Town known for its many transport routes be it railway, water, or road. Oh! And of course, The Pole Yard. In fact, according to the staff, it’s the BEST Pole Yard out there. Another fun fact, its name originated when the Dutch retreated to that area after losing the Battle of Muizenburg. Once they landed, it was officially declared as ‘Retreat of Netherlands’. How’s that for a quick history lesson?

Ok, back to business. This Pole Yard branch was originally situated on the main road, but moved to a more centrally located spot, closer to the communities it serves. While it certainly attracts a variety of buyers – homeowners and traders seem to frequent this branch the most according to Retreat’s Branch Manager, Donovan Orris. He sits down with Brand Ambassador, Deon Bing to tell us a bit more about its visitors and products on offer. Watch below!

So, besides Donovan’s smiling face – what else is attracting visitors to this Western Cape branch? Outdoor timber and home improvement products, of course! Read on. 

Garden Goodies

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors?  Sure you do! Think of our timber garden products as the infrastructure of your garden, bits and pieces that help you shape your outdoor sanctuary. There’s garden edging that protects the plants and flowers you’ve been growing and tending to and wooden sleepers that make great pathways and low retaining walls. 

When it comes to products that transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis, you can’t go wrong with archways and trellises. Choose an archway for over the path to your front door or a garden arch trellis in between the flowerbeds. Bored of your plain white walls? Our trellises can be used to fence off an area, increase a plant’s exposure to sunlight, or simply as decorations.

Fencing Products

When it comes to purchasing a fence, you’ll want to ensure that whatever you choose is of the highest quality, and will do the job you need it to. Fencing is also not something that you should have to replace after a year. Rather, it should be a long-lasting product you can rely on. Whether you want to protect your property, family, plants or livestock, we offer a wide variety of wire and timber fencing materials to suit your needs.

Our wire fencing products are manufactured for boundary wire fencing and agricultural applications – all of which can be altered to suit your property size and shape. Our wooden fencing is an effective security measure but also adds an aesthetic quality to your property.

Home Makeovers

With more time spent at home than ever before, it’s no wonder we suddenly feel an urge to spruce things up a bit, as Donovan put it. When it comes to roof or wall alternatives, Spanish Reed is proving super popular mostly because of its rustic appeal. Besides decorative purposes, this product is also known for its insulating and maintenance-free properties.

Our garden furniture is another option that’s sure to complement and round off your home. From pine to gum, our benches, chairs, and outdoor tables are designed for quality and durability, and are perfect for relaxing at the end of a hard day. 

Structural Timber

Structural timber is used to assemble the foundation and/or framework of your project. This means that your timber should be of the highest quality to ensure the longevity of the structure itself. After all, it is by far the most popular material for pergolas, designed to add a certain visual appeal to homes and resorts.  In addition to their beauty, these garden structures are also known to provide shade, define outdoor spaces, and are super low maintenance. 

Another noteworthy structure? A wooden deck. Our decking timber options include Kiln-Dried treated Pine, Eucalyptus, Balau, and Garapa. Each species provides a unique and beautiful finish that enables you to create the perfect deck that will last for years to come. 


Unable to visit one of our Pole Yard branches? Not a problem! You can browse through our online category and create a list of products for your next project. We’ll put together a quote for each item and provide you with additional information should you need it.

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