The Pole Yard Kyalami is Here with a Little Something for Everyone

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From the Mother City to the City of Gold: The Pole Yard, Johannesburg is finally here! You’ll find our newest branch in Kyalami – a spot best known for its motor racing circuit, golf courses, and equestrian estates. So, a pretty good place to set up shop, right?

The Pole Yard is directed and run by Leeroy Deane, John Els and James Griffiths. The three musketeers have enjoyed the success of five Pole Yard branches throughout the Western Cape but recently decided to show the urban jungle some love, too. Hit play for a sneak peek!

For those who haven’t managed to stop by yet, The Pole Yard Kyalami promises the same awesome service and impressive supplies you’ve come to know us for. We’re talking treated poles, garden timber, jungle gym accessories, fencing products, decking and more.

Plus, with so much variety, we’re welcoming visitors from different homes, industries, and professions – all of whom are guaranteed to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

Let’s see where you fit in!


Whether you’re building a new house or looking to update your current one, homeowners are spoilt for choice with high-quality products that are manufactured to last. There’s a variety of timber fencing on offer, for example, for those who want to protect their property, family, plants, or livestock. Speaking of the outdoors, who doesn’t love a Jungle Gym? They’re perfect 

for encouraging growing children to exercise, get some fresh air, and use their imaginations.


The Pole Yard has gardening products available for green fingers everywhere. Let’s start with edging – ideal for protecting plants and flowerbeds from inquisitive children and over-active pets – or, to define beautiful pathways. Let’s not forget our planter boxes. These above-ground structures are perfect for planting flowers, herbs, and delicious vegetables. And of course, there’s garden furniture so comfortable and stylish, you’ll want them inside your house! 


When it comes to equestrian construction, there’s a lot to consider and not just any product will do. The Pole Yard Kyalami supplies structural timber that’s ideal for constructing sturdy, well-ventilated, wooden horse stables. What’s more, our treated poles are great for basic horse training, show jumping, pole work, and other equestrian sports. If ever you’re unsure of which route to go, our friendly staff are on hand to advise you on the best solution.


Timber has been used in construction for thousands of years and for good reason! It’s a natural, cost-effective material that’s both sturdy and versatile. Not to mention visually appealing! Our timber products are, therefore, the perfect solution for your next commercial project. Fortunately, when it comes to the hardware needed to complete a job, you don’t have to go far. The Pole Yard also supplies several products that cater to different types of builds. 


Whether to fix and install wooden objects, design new items, or make interior or exterior furniture, carpenters and woodworkers require high-quality materials to get the job done right. We pride ourselves on supplying treated timber poles and products that are manufactured to ensure the longevity of every type of structure. Our timber is also available in a variety of sizes and lengths so that you are always able to find exactly what you need.

It’s clear that The Pole Yard Kyalami attracts all types of buyers, but important to note, even if you don’t fall under one of the above categories, it doesn’t mean we haven’t got something special for you. Heck, there are dog houses, mud kitchens, wooden playhouses, composting solutions and more! Another reason to pop by? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff who promise you a safe and enjoyable shopping experience like no other. 

The Pole Yard can deliver any of our products straight to your doorstep should you be located elsewhere. Get in touch with us today and let’s get started on your next project.

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