Get the Kids Outside and Playing this Spring

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If you’re anything like us, some of the best memories growing up were the hours spent outside, allowing our imaginations to run wild. The rockery out back became a wizard’s lair where plants were used to create potions. The jungle gym transformed into a pirate’s ship sailing the seas for gold and silver. The swimming pool became an ocean inhabited with mermaids and talking fish. Outdoor play was very much a part of our lives, especially when Spring rolled around.

While nowadays, kids are pretty spoilt for choice with games and TV shows to keep them occupied, they might just need a little reminding of how much fun the outdoors can be. Luckily, here at The Pole Yard, we’ve got just what they need to get outside and get playing!

Wooden Jungle Gyms

One sure-fire way to lure children away from a TV or computer screen? A kitted-out wooden jungle gym. These outdoor structures will encourage kids to get creative with games and use their imagination. They’re also great for building their muscles and exercising motor and sensory skills. Not to mention the mental benefits that come with playing in the fresh air! You’ll also find that one of our pre-designed jungle gyms will last as your child grows from a toddler to a pre-teen. So, you won’t have to replace it for years to come.

Playground Accessories 

Now, what’s a jungle gym without all the bells and whistles? First up on the list of must-haves is a tyre swing, of course! There’s no better thrill for a kiddie than soaring through the air. They could be pilot, an astronaut, or the bravest child for gaining the most height. A jungle gym slide is next, and certainly one of our favourites growing up! Remember sliding down as fast as you could just to climb back up and do it all over again? There was nothing better.

Climbing Equipment 

For parents who would like their kids to be a bit more active, jungle gym add-ons that encourage them to use their own body strength is a good place to start. A ski rope cargo net, for example, is excellent for balance and climbing. When it comes to developing their upper body strength, gymnast hoops prove very beneficial. Did you know that climbing, in general, can teach kids how to deal with stressful situations better? It also helps build their confidence.

Wooden Playhouses

Giving your children a space that’s entirely their own is another effective way to get them outside and playing. Wooden playhouses are ideal for just that and when designed correctly, can be a beautiful addition to your outdoor area. Decorate it with outdoor pots, planter boxes, and colourful flowers to make their little outdoor home unique, and hours of fun are sure to follow. The best part? Our playhouses are made with non-toxic materials to protect your grass.


Mud Kitchens

Ask your child if they love getting their hands dirty, chances are it’s a hard yes! Don’t fret, mom and dad – turns out getting a little messy is actually hugely beneficial! It helps foster creativity and is good for building their immune systems. What’s more, sensory play can help with child development. Now that we’ve convinced you of its benefits, how about investing in a mud kitchen? These nifty wooden structures come with a miniature wooden oven and stovetop, as well as a sink so your child knows they always have to clean up after themselves.

Planter Boxes

Looking for ways to encourage outdoor play while sneaking in a few life’s lessons? Enter: Wooden planter boxes. They’re great for teaching kids about sustainability, growing their own fruits and veggies at home, and looking after plants and flowers. Again, getting their hands dirty comes with its own set of benefits, too. For us, the biggest appeal about getting your kids into gardening is that it’s an activity the whole family can enjoy together.

Anyone else a little jealous that adults don’t have garden timber products and accessories to play with? Not to worry, we’ve got outdoor timber and home improvement products that are bound to keep adults occupied and smiling! Visit one of our branches or browse through our products online today.

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