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Planter boxes are having a real moment as more and more people fall in love with the idea of gardening and planting their own fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Besides the obvious benefits, these nifty little wooden structures also add a certain appeal to your landscape and make way for a whole lot of family fun. Just ask Brand Ambassador, Deon Bing!

Deon and The Pole Yard’s Emile Smit take to the garden (with the help of Emile’s kiddies) to put our Planter Boxes to the test. On the gardening menu? Herbs, lettuce, flat parsley, and marigold which is apparently a natural insect repellant! With the soil laid, all the team needed to do was make a hole, pop the plant inside, and pat-down. With a little water, tender love and care, in just two to three weeks the Smit’s Garden will be a wonderful combination of colour and taste.

Benefits of Planter Boxes

  • Mobility 

Arguably one of the best things about Planter Boxes is that you can move them around as you please. You may find that a certain plant thrives in the sun, for example. Instead of digging it up and replanting it, you can simply pick the box up and move it to a brighter area in your garden.

  • Durability 

The type of wood you choose will determine the longevity of your Planter Boxes. Ours are manufactured from solid timber and treated with Tanalised-E for protection against insects, wood decay, and natural weathering. Tan-E™ also contains copper and organic biocides, minimising its impact on the environment.

  • Protection 

Hands up if your little one or four-legged friend ever accidentally ruined your garden bed or vegetable patches? Fortunately, Planter Boxes are above-ground structures that prevent just that! Your soil remains loose and soft whereas before, it may have become compacted due to you stepping in and out of the flower bed.

  • Economical 

Many are growing their own fruits and vegetables to cut down on costs. Plus, home-grown foods are said to be more nutritious and better-tasting! Why? Store-bought items are usually harvested before they’re fully ripe so that they don’t spoil in-store. Yours, on the other hand, are left to grow until they’re ready to shine.

  • Entertainment

As Deon so eloquently put it, “it’s not just the grannies getting involved” – Planter Boxes appeal to all age groups. Whether as a therapeutic activity, a way to get more innovative with food, or to equip kiddies with a new skillset, gardening encourages time spent together. That’s not forgetting the mandatory garden tour whereby you can show off your new greens to guests.
Types of Planter Boxes

Unsure of which garden planter box to use? A few considerations to get you started include, how big the plant, fruit, or vegetable will be. Consider the plant type and the kind of climate it will thrive in. Where will you place the Planter Box? Do you want it to be a focal point or tucked away until the produce is ready to be eaten? While you’re thinking about that, here are just a few of our offerings to get the creative juices flowing.

Planed All Round Planter Box with Capping

These upmarket planter boxes are easy to paint due to their smooth finish and look great in any home or garden.

  • Rustic Planter Box

Our Rustic planter boxes are built to last and are excellent value for money.

  • Standing Planter Box

Waist-high rustic planter boxes are perfect for a small herb garden and available in various sizes.

  • Tan-E3 Tier Planter

This planter has been manufactured with Tan-E treated timber and is great for growing herbs and salad ingredients on your balcony. 

Composting Possibilities

Our new range of Tan-E planter boxes make growing your own vegetables and herbs a breeze but we’re not stopping there! Why not make your own compost and vermicast? 

Enter our Worm Hive, an incredibly easy-to-use system that allows you to use items that you would normally throw away like vegetable peelings, old newspaper, and tea bags, to create quality vermicast. 

Next, is our Compost Bin. This handy structure has an easy and accessible flap at the bottom and a lid that gives you plenty of space to work your compost. Compost bins are great for those grass trimmings and even the peelings from your kitchen. 

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