The Pole Yard & Rika Products™ Collaborate for your Decking Needs

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Here at The Pole Yard, we’re all for collaborating with industry experts to bring you home improvement products of exceptional quality. One such example is Rika Products™; suppliers of a revolutionary new product known as the Rika Block™ – a concrete support system for timber/composite structures.

During one of our recent On the Bench sessions, brand ambassador, Deon Bing sat down with the Managing Director of Rika Products™, Kevin Alexander to find out more about this product taking the market by storm. Hit play below to watch the full interview.

About Rika Products™

Rika Products™ are the exclusive manufacturers and distributors of the Rika Block™. The company is located in Cape Town but like The Pole Yard, they are able to distribute their product nationally. Speaking of said product, shall we find out what all of the fuss is about?

Rika Blocks™ are a pre-cast EPS concrete foundation block, manufactured using recycled polystyrene, and engineered to make the art of building quicker, better and easier. They can be used on any surface including sand, paving and gravel, to name a few, and are designed to support elevated structures. 

The best part? These blocks take the effort of digging holes and planting posts out of the equation. That equals an increase in productivity, reduced labour expenses, fewer tools on-site, and you get to stop working with messy concrete. What a win!

Deck Installation

So, you’ve decided to install a deck. Great decision, as Kevin would say! They’re ideal for entertaining, utilising your landscape, adding aesthetic appeal to your home, and increasing the value of your property. But when it comes to installing them, many shy away in fear of the admin that likely comes with it. 

That is, until now. Normally you would need to dig a hole, cut a pole, and secure it in the ground depending on your desired height. Next, you’d need to pour in the concrete and allow for it to set. For concrete to cure properly, it needs up to seven days to rest. Only then can you attach your timber and lay your decking on top. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Like all of us Kevin wondered if there was a way to speed up the process somewhat. The difference between him and us, is that he went ahead and found a solution. Thanks, Kev! And suddenly, the Rika Block™ was born. Or rather, launched here in South Africa.

The Rika Block™ Way

Now, the process of installing a deck takes three to four hours versus an entire week! First, you’ll need to make sure the ground under the block is level and correctly compacted. Kevin recommends the use of gravel to reduce shifting and water build-up.

Next, you’ll need to source the correct size timber (From The Pole Yard, obviously) to slot on top of the Rika Block ™. Make sure the timber is seated in the base of the mould. Then, you’ll attach the rest of your timber and start laying the deck. Simple as that! 

Fortunately, Rika Blocks ™ are designed to fit different sizes and types of timber. This is why we’re a match made in timber Heaven. As outdoor timber specialists, we supply materials in accordance with industry standards to ensure the best results. 

Our decking timber options include kiln-dried treated Pine, Eucalyptus, Balau and Garapa. Each provides a top-quality finish that enables you to create the perfect deck that will last for years.

Additional Uses

Besides decking, Rika Blocks ™ are also designed to support other structures like Wendy houses or playhouses. We’re all for structures that encourage children to spend time outdoors and get all the fresh air they need. Playhouses are also great for stretching the imagination and provide a way to lure kiddies away from TV and computer screens. 

Speaking of, Rika Blocks ™ also cater to your furbabies, providing great support for dog kennels. Our dog houses are manufactured from pressure treated wood for a longer-lasting kennel. We’ve also created our own unique design that includes metal corrugated sheeting for the roof section. So, safe to say our partnership with Rika Products™ covers the whole family.

No matter what you’re looking to install, we’ve got a solution for you. Partnerships like the one we have with Rika Products™ make this possible and enable us to provide you with the very best. Contact us and let’s get started on your next project. 

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