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Finding wood suppliers who offer products perfectly suited to both home and business owners can sometimes be tricky. The type of wood fencing you choose, for example, is very much dependent on whether you’re looking to protect children and small doggos or provide a shelter for livestock. Point is, it’s important to find the right partner to supply things like structural timber, wood beams and wooden poles, to better your business, and that’s where we come in.

Who we are?

The Pole Yard supplies a wide range of poles and treated timber. We also manufacture rustic garden furniture, jungle gyms, fencing, a full range of garden products and much more. We work with renowned specialists and can manufacture to your custom specification. 


Who can benefit?

This customised approach enables us to assist all kinds of businesses within varied industries. Nursery owners, for example, might benefit from our extensive garden products range. Architects, building specifiers and engineers could make use of our structural timber. And woodworkers and hardware store owners can browse through our specialised materials

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What we offer.

Structural Timber

Hugely important for creating the foundation and/or framework of your next project, our structural timber is made of the highest quality to ensure longevity. This type of building material is ideal for resurrecting roofs, stabilising floors, or strengthening walls.

Wooden Decking

Wooden decks prove beneficial when it comes to creating a space for colleagues to network, an area away from the sun for resort-goers to sit and relax, or an environment perfect for entertaining friends and family. We, fortunately, have a variety of decking timber available depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

Wooden Fencing

Fencing timber serves multiple purposes such as security, screening and partitioning. Our wooden fencing options combine these functions with durability and visual appeal. The result? A solution perfect for housing livestock, protecting plants or ensuring the privacy of guests.

Treated Timber Poles

We supply a range of pine and gum poles, all of which are treated in accordance with SABS standards. This means that our poles are not only weather-resistant, they won’t leach or affect surrounding vegetation. Our wooden poles are treated in different ways depending on their use. But can be used for creating everything from jetties and jungle gyms to roofs and fences. 

Tanalised™ E Treatment

We’re proud to be the face of this eco-friendly treatment in the Western Cape that’s made up of Organic Azole Biocides and recycled copper. This ensures the long-term prevention of wood rot/decay, termites and wood borers. By treating all our poles and timber with Tan-E, we’re working to reduce the impact on our environment and deliver you products of the highest quality.

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Where we source.

The source of your timber matters. At the Pole Yard, we supply you with poles and timber straight from the mill. They’re sustainably sourced, eco-friendly and delivered straight to your door. Enjoy building materials for DIY projects, fencing, decking, pergolas, jungle gyms, construction timber, delivered nationally and internationally.

Work we’ve done.

To ensure that our business clients are well-attended to, we’ve partnered with specialists like Cape Reed International, to create bespoke timber structures both locally and abroad. One project we’re particularly proud of is the work we did with Cape Reed to develop high-quality African thatch-themed structures and Arabian Villas at a Dubai resort. 


Looking for timber or poles for construction, building work and corporate jobs? We have five retail branches in the Western Cape for your convenience. Talk to our team of experts today about our large-scale timber expertise and international delivery options.

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