A Must-See in Gordon’s Bay? The Pole Yard, Helderberg Branch.

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If we’re talking location, you can’t go wrong with the positioning of our Helderberg branch. Situated along Sir Lowry’s Pass on the N2 national road in the Western Cape province, The Pole Yard branch is home to a variety of treated timber, poles, wooden gates, wood fencing, wood decking, and more! Not to mention the friendly staff and a bustling nursery which our Brand Ambassador and HeartFM’s Surf Reporter, Deon Bing found particularly appealing. 

He first visited us at our Paarden Eiland branch not so long ago, and now Deon is taking a stroll through our Gordon’s Bay branch with our Branch Manager, Luke Revington leading the way. Hit play below to see how it went. 

The Pole Yard Helderberg attracts all types of buyers from contractors large and small to homeowners and holidaymakers looking to buy wood to spruce up their houses by the sea. But what’s attracting such a diverse group to this sea-side branch? Let’s find out!

Tan-E Planter Boxes

The best part about these above-ground structures is that you can plant your favourite flowers, flavourful herbs, or scrumptious veggies without having to get on your hands and knees. Manufactured from solid timber and wood treated with Tanalised-E, these eco-friendly planter boxes are ideal for the long-term prevention of wood rot/decay, termites and wood borers.

Planter Boxes

DIY Jungle Gyms

As Deon pointed out, Gordon’s Bay is home to many young families who are no doubt looking for ways to entertain their little ones. A wooden jungle gym made with timber poles and timber beams promise stability and hours of entertainment. Why not add extra accessories like swings, wooden ladders, nets, gymnast hoops, monkey bars and more to really ramp up the fun?

Wooden Playhouses

While we’re on the topic of fun for kiddies, you can’t go wrong with a backyard playhouse. Not only is it the perfect addition to any outdoor area thanks to its unique build and design, it provides a safe space for little ones to escape into the garden without you having to worry. Another plus about this kind of wood structure is that it contains non-toxic materials and is made with treated timber poles that promise strength and durability. 

Jungle Gyms

Garden Bridges

Whether to separate specific areas and prevent plants from taking over the garden or to keep your flowerbeds intact, a garden bridge is a great route to go. While they’re certainly functional, they also add an element of beauty to any outdoor space. Especially if there’s a water feature running beneath it. Created from a combination of treated gum and pine, all our garden products are designed with quality and durability in mind. 

Wooden Fences

A solid wooden fence comes with several benefits namely; safety and privacy. They can also, however, add to the overall visual appeal of your home. Our fencing options include Planed, Picket, Rustic and Latte (again Deon, not the type you drink). All of which serve a different purpose but what they all have in common is that they’re long-lasting. Make sure you do the necessary research before deciding on the best one to suit your property. 


Sharpened Droppers

Apparently sometimes mistaken for Javelins (but only when Deon is visiting), Sharpened Droppers or our Latte Push-In Panels, are super handy when it comes to keeping trees and plants upright. Especially when those notorious Western Cape winds come swooping in. Simply insert the stake into the soil and secure the plant to the dropper using green tape, specialised wire, or even string when the plant isn’t drooping too badly. 

Friendly Staff

It’s not only our wood and timber products we’re most proud of but also the staff at The Pole Yard, Helderberg. Luke and his team promise a professional service and all kinds of advice no matter what you’re looking for. And, a side order of smiles! Here are a few snaps of them, be sure to say hi next time you visit.

Leeroy Deane, John Els and James Griffiths

We’ve got five branches scattered throughout the Western Cape but can also deliver any of our products straight to your doorstep should you be located elsewhere. Get in touch with us today and let’s get started on your next project. 

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