5 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Deck Today

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5 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Deck Today

When it comes to sprucing up an outdoor area, you can’t go wrong with beautiful wooden decking. The aesthetic appeal it adds to your property is second to none and the best part? It’s easily maintainable. 

Decking is also a great option for property owners looking to create a space of tranquillity and of course, room to breathe. Especially important considering how much more time we’re spending at home nowadays.

That’s not to say that outdoor decking is only suited to homes. Resorts, office spaces, and bigger retail parks are also investing in these wooden structures thanks to their versatility and durability. Though the benefits don’t stop there.

Timber Deck next to pool


Here are a few more advantages to installing a deck: 

  • Increases Square Footage

Extending your home, property or office space outwards is a trend that’s gaining popularity by the minute. Many are taking this route to encourage indoor-outdoor living; a great way to reconnect with nature. Installing a deck is then a great place to start if you’re to get this right. 

Not only does it open up your home, decking makes use of usable space, creating room for inhabitants to move around freely. With this extra space, you can get creative with other outdoor additions like a gas braai for summer days, garden furniture for extra seating, and even planter boxes to add hints of colour. 

  • Encourages Entertainment & Networking

There’s nothing quite like a patio or wooden deck balcony to encourage time spent together. Whether to entertain house guests, gear up for a romantic evening under the stars, impress out-of-town travellers, or to host colleagues and schmooze potential clients. Decks make for a functional outdoor living space to host whoever is on your list. 

Garden decking is also ideal for children. Parents can sit comfortably keeping a watchful eye on their tots playing on the jungle gym or, as they weave in and around the patio area. While family meals can be shared in a common area without having to split up.


Deck with outdoor seating area overlooking pool

  • Betters Property Value 

It’s no secret that the more you add to your living space, the higher you can let it go for. Buyers are far more likely to invest in a property that includes more space and where the additions are cost-effective and easily maintainable. What’s more, the cost for you to install decking makes financial sense, too! It simply comes down to choosing the right decking timber and an installer you can trust. Rather that, than say retiling a bathroom or renovating to add extra areas.  

Another perk? Wooden decking can be customisable to suit your budget. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ – instead, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to timber options so, finding a solution that makes financial sense is easy.

  • Ensures Privacy 

Many things unite us as South Africans. Our sense of humour for one, but another is privacy. And it’s on the top of any property owner’s lists. Whether you’re on a getaway, at the office, or enjoying time at home – privacy helps protect our physical safety and allows us the space to exist exactly how we want to. 

The advantage of decks is that they can be constructed in a way that encourages complete seclusion. Be it perched on wooden poles to create a balcony, at the back of the house where you’re out of sight, or kitted out with patio umbrellas and fencing panels for added privacy.


Decking around a pool

  • More Storage Space

If you’re anything like us, we’re suckers for dual-purpose structures. There’s just something so appealing about a construct that’s not only nice to look at but super functional, too! If this lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that we’re all probably holding onto too much stuff. Some, we can (and should) simply discard but others simply need to be packed away. 

An elevated deck proves handy here as you can use the bottom area as you would a basement. In fact, a levelled deck is just as effective as you can manufacture it in a way that the decking planks are easily moveable. Both great options for storing things like garden equipment, patio cushions, or those plastic containers we all have but aren’t sure why. 


Important Considerations

While you may be eager to get started, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first of which is the type of decking timber. Our timber options include kiln-dried treated pine, eucalyptus, balau and garapa. Each of which promises a beautifully unique finish and durability all-year-round. 

A treated wood deck is then always a good idea. This helps the long-term prevention of wood rot/decay, termites and wood borer infestations. The result? A deck that will stand the test of time no matter the weather. 

Contact us today for more information about our great quality decking wood and let’s get started on your next project. 

Some additional notes on the species of pine that we are using.
Of the 4 species in the market (Taeda, Patula, Ellioti and Radiata) we only use radiata due its natural higher density and hardness when compared to the other species available. With the shortage of pine in the market and specifically radiata, we refuse to compromise and go to great lengths to source and secure quality Radiata from sustainable plantations.

Also, our Eucalyptus grandis decking is sourced from FSC certified sustainable plantations and provides a fantastic alternative to the traditional hardwoods such as Balau and Garapa.


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