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You’ll likely know Paarden Eiland as an industrial area situated between Salt River and Milnerton in the beautiful Mother City. Home to tasty restaurants, buzzing warehouses, public libraries and of course, The Pole Yard. Needless to say, we’re pleased with our humble abode by the seaside and with a team of friendly staff and timber products galore, it’s pretty darn ideal.

We’re probably a little biased so instead, we invited HeartFM’s Surf Reporter, Deon Bing to visit our Paarden Eiland branch. While his pronunciation needs some work, he still seemed super impressed with just how much we have to offer. Check out the video below!

Fortunately, Brent was there to help Deon along the way, but in case you needed a recap, let’s take a look at what we have available at The Pole Yard.

Garden Edging

Protecting your plants and flowerbeds has never been easier thanks to a variety of edging options. Besides safeguarding your greens from inquisitive children and boisterous pets, garden edging is also ideal for defining certain areas in your garden or, to create interesting pathways. 

Choose between Dropper, Rustic, Split or, Latte (pronounced the way Brent did) – each of which serve a different purpose depending on what you’re looking to achieve. 


We’re suckers for a good wooden fence, mostly because of how versatile they are. Great for protecting your property and ensuring your privacy, they also prove handy when it comes to preserving plants and creating shelter for livestock. Quality is important and you’ll see from the video clip that you’re spoilt for choice with material types. 

Choose between Panned All Round, Premium Picket, Rustic Timber or again, Wooden Latte. The commonality between all of them is their sturdiness, durability and aesthetic appeal. 

Timber Deck next to pool


Nothing beats a poolside or patio deck for hot summer days where relaxation is on the menu. Add an outdoor fire pit and they’re pretty ideal for winter months too! A wooden deck is a great way to extend your living space and make practical use of your existing landscape. You’ll want one that can withstand the elements and that requires little maintenance. 

Choose between Kiln-Dried CCA Treated Pine, top-quality Kiln-Dried Balau, Garapa (no, Deon not the Italian brandy) and Eucalyptus. All are ideal for building a magnificent deck. 

Treated Poles

It’s no secret that we specialise in treated timber poles – it’s in our name, after all! But what makes them unique is that they’re weather-resistant, won’t leach, or affect surrounding vegetation. Ideal for building jungle gyms, roofs, pergolas and even jetties – you can’t go wrong with a sturdy wooden structure that’ll stand the test of time. 

Choose between Eucalyptus/Latte/ Gum, Machine Turned, Ranch Style, or Tapered Poles which are all treated in accordance with SABS standards.

As much as we pride ourselves on our timber and home improvement products, we’re equally proud of our staff. At our Paarden Eiland branch, and additional four branches scattered in and around the Western Cape. 

Besides their dedication and extensive knowledge of all things timber, our staff make every day a little brighter thanks to their smiling faces and great sense of humour!

If you’re unable to visit one of The Pole Yard’s five convenient branches, you can browse through our online category and create a list of products that are to your fancy. We’ll put together a quote for each item and provide you with additional information should you need it. 

For any other queries or information on products not covered above, contact us today. 

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