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Woven wood shades, canopies, a wooden arch for the garden, kids outdoor play structure, and other constructs built to complement beautiful landscapes, can truly enhance the look and feel of your property. We love how easily they create shade, a relaxing seating area, or provide the foundation for exotic plants and vines to flourish. 

One of our favourite outdoor garden features, however, has to be wooden pergolas. We love how perfect they are for at-home use or, for corporate spaces and resorts. 

A project close to our hearts is one where we partnered up with Cape Reed International to develop high-quality African-themed structures at a Dubai resort. 

Our premium building materials proved beneficial in creating some pretty unique pergolas that provided guests with a place to retreat from the sun. 

Beyond their visual appeal, pergolas come with a host of benefits namely, their durability and little maintenance required. Here are a few more reasons to add one to your outdoor space. 

They Provide Shade

Sun shade structures are gaining popularity as we actively work to reduce our exposure to harmful UV rays. While many don’t often associate pergolas with providing shade because of the spacing of their beams, they’re actually hugely effective in creating some much-needed time away from the sun. It will come down to the type of poles used and how you position them. No matter what you decide on, though, pergolas encourage fresh air and a natural breeze – especially handy for hot summer days. I would make mention of shade being dependent on what kind of cover/roof you choose to put ontop of your pergola. IE Latte, square timber such as 22×44’s or 38×38’s, roof sheeting, etc. Could also tie into latte panels and latte roll up screens.

They Add Beauty

There’s nothing quite like a mighty wooden structure to appeal to house, office or resort guests. Pergolas create a point of interest in otherwise basic outdoor areas and allow for creativity when it comes to their construct and design. They also encourage indoor-outdoor living, providing a seamless transition from indoors, out. Spanish Reed as a building material is popular among many thanks to its rustic look and feel and because it provides a decorative touch without any further embellishments needed. I’m not sure about promoting the use of spanish reed here as it perishes outside and in direct sunlight. Usually within a matter of months. I would suggest latte instead. Alternatively, roof sheeting with spanish reed underneath so that it is protected from the elements.

They Create Privacy

Whether to establish the perfect entertainment area for guests or a place of solitude for outdoor corporate gatherings, pergolas prove effective in creating necessary privacy. This is largely because you can combine them with other outdoor structures. Combine it with a wooden patio, for example, to create a cornered-off outside section. Pair with big glass windows for a room that allows for natural light. Or, introduce a wall leaning pergola for a secluded and sheltered balcony area. This could segue nicely into promoting smaller gap trellising to create privacy and green walls etc.

They House Plants

Nothing completes an outdoor area quite like colourful plants and flowers. Perfect then for keen gardeners and landscapers, pergolas provide a sturdy structure for flowers to blossom – especially those that grow from the ground up. They also create added space for housing pot plants and flower beds for those with limited outdoor space and can protect your precious greens from the elements. Speaking of, those dabbling in veggie gardens will also find pergolas useful thanks to the shelter they provide from direct sunlight. See above

They Encourage Additions

While hugely attractive in their natural state, pergolas create an ideal foundation for additional elements to really make it pop. A bed swing, for example, will beautifully complement its overall look and will sit comfortably thanks to solid pillars. Introduce hanging lights and lamps to illuminate a nook in your garden. Get creative with geometric screens that encourage exciting shapes and shadows. Or, add sheer curtains for a truly romantic outdoor haven.

They Create Passageways

Outdoor garden structures have an incredible ability to create a sense of mystery, especially when used to establish intimate pathways, wooden archways and rustic entrances. Pergolas can be used to create these exciting passageways that entice visitors to explore the landscape. A sturdy open framework and weather-resistant roof make this possible while vertical pillars finish it off to create an inviting tunnel effect.


If a low maintenance, cost-effective outdoor structure is what you’re after – you can’t go wrong with a pergola. Arguably the best part about these structures is how easy they are to install!

Important to consider, however, is the type of timber you use to construct it. All of our wooden poles are treated in accordance with SABS standards. This simply means that our poles are weather-resistant and protected from things like insect damage and fungal growth. We also treat our poles differently depending on their use. 

Whether local establishments or international homes, offices and resorts – we specialise in outdoor timber and home improvement products and we’re confident we have a solution that’ll cater to your needs. 

Get in touch with us today and let’s get started on your next project.

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