The Uses and Benefits of a Sturdy Garden Fence

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Timber Deck next to pool

Establishing the perfect living space doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, we should treat it as an ever-evolving project that changes and adapts as your needs do. Perhaps there was never a need for a jungle gym, for example, until the pitter-patter of tiny feet filled the air. You may have a new-found love for exotic flowers and so enter, stylish planter boxes. Or, you’ve decided to start entertaining more so wooden decking becomes a consideration. 

A popular addition many South Africans have either completed or have started thinking about is a garden fence. For one, we can shamelessly agree that there’s something super appealing about an iconic white picket fence home. But more importantly, are the benefits it brings. Especially when you choose wood as the building material. Read on to find out why. 

Decking around a pool

Protects Greenery

With more time spent at home comes the need to spruce up our living space. And many have turned to their outdoor areas as a starting point. Wooden fences are ideal for dividing up bigger lawns to create walkways or mark boundaries. They’re also a great way to complement flowerbeds thanks to their natural, earthy tone. Fencing panels that protect your cherished fruits and vegetables from foot traffic, pesky birds and inquisitive doggos is another huge plus. 

Decorates Garden

One of the most appealing things about a wooden garden fence is that you can install one that perfectly suits your style and that adds to the overall look of your home. And it can certainly liven up your landscape. Picture a wonderfully constructed fence with a swing gate in front of your property. Or, fencing panels that house (Support?) winding green vines. Hang colourful pot plants or create a private nook at the end of your garden – the options are both beautiful, and endless.

Deck with outdoor seating area overlooking pool


Ensures Privacy

Speaking of creating privacy, fences (…Fencing is…) are a practical and stylish way to prevent people from looking into your property. Feeling comfortable in your own living space is what makes it a home, after all. So, ensuring you have the freedom to do so is important. A wooden fence proves effective in ensuring this seclusion thanks to panel options that close things off as much as you’d like them to. Pair this with varying lengths (Heights?)  and weather-resistant properties and you’ve got a solution that suits your unique needs and that’s super durable. 

Maintains Safety

A big reason why many invest in a sturdy garden fence is for security reasons. As mentioned, fencing prevents people from looking in and potentially scoping out your belongings. The length and width (Length and Height) of the fencing panels you choose will determine the amount of privacy. Then, of course, a fence makes it harder to get into your property and so can act as a deterrent. Importantly, a garden fence also prevents mischievous children and pets from wandering out of your property, keeping them safely enclosed and out of harm’s way. 


Provides Shelter

Whether to protect garden furniture from the sun and/or rain, as a windbreaker for your property, or to provide a place of comfort for pets or livestock. Wooden fences (…Fencing is..) are a hugely effective way of creating shelter for things that need it the most. Opting for a long-lasting product that will withstand the elements while preventing wood decay is important. As is the aesthetic appeal of whatever you decide on. A place of shelter is likely going to take up a lot of space so you’ll want a structure that complements your home, too. 

Where to start?

So, you’ve decided a wooden garden fence is the route to go. Now what? Whether for security, screening or partitioning, our timber options combine durability and visual appeal to get the job done right. Plus, their (our) variety ensures there’s an option perfectly suited to your needs.

Our fencing options include; planed wooden, latte wooden, picket and rustic timber. All of which are treated meaning they won’t leach (Not safe to say at this stage) or affect surrounding vegetation and there’s no risk of rotting. They also boast a beautifully natural look so will pair perfectly with any outdoor area. The leaching issue is a contentious one with many sources say no and many saying yes. I would go focus on protection against wet rot, dry rot and insect infestation such as termite and borer beetle.

This isn’t a journey you have to embark on alone. We’re here to advise you on the right tools, materials, and specific timber types and sizes you will require to create the perfect garden fence. Should you require any non-stock items, visit one of our branches where our friendly staff will be ready and waiting to assist you. 


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