Tanalised E™ (Tan-E™) Making Sustainable Timber Possible

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An exciting, new, eco-friendly treatment product, recently launched in SA, is making timber more sustainable and durable, and we are incredibly excited to tell you all about it!

Sustainable timber is regarded as one of the most valuable natural resources available to man, with more than 30% of the world’s population relying on what forests can provide – from food to building materials to firewood, timber has become a commodity most people look to invest in.

In our line of business our passion is to provide our customers with a solution that will last for years. In order for us to provide our customer base – present and future – with an extremely durable product, all of our timber products are pressure treated to the highest quality standards.


cape reed

Cape Reed

In the case of our client, Cape Reed, sustainable timber is at the heart of their business, which is why most of their products are treated with Tanalised E™ (Tan-E™). Tan-E is Copper Azole based and is the most eco-friendly treatment available on the market today, and new to South Africa. When we heard that this treatment would be available in South Africa, we knew that we had to try everything possible to bring this eco-friendly treatment to you, because it would mean our products would have a smaller ecological footprint and longer lifespan.

Leeroy Deane, one of the Pole Yard owners, then went on a mission to see how he could make this possible. Forming a new business partnership, Leeroy secured a sawmill which already had a treatment facility. With the help of Lonza Wood Protection, the treatment plant was converted into a very neat and modern Tanalised™ E treatment facility.


The key benefits of using Tan-E™ to treat timber projects:

eco-friendly wooden deck

  • Tan-E™ contains copper and organic biocides, minimising environmental impact.
  • Tan-E™ provides long term protection against insects (wood borer, termites, etc), wood decay and natural weathering, extending the service life of the timber.
  • Tan-E™ penetrates and is retained within the wood cell structure during the treatment process and cannot be easily removed.
  • Tan-E™ is the preservative of choice to use to treat wood for use in Green Building projects, in close human contact applications such as play equipment, decking, walkways and conservation structures.
  • Tan-E™ is used to treat both sawn timber and pole products.
  • Tan-E™ treated wood is verified by Ecospecifier Global. This verification is a guarantee to customers and professionals alike that all key manufacturer health and environmental claims are third-party verified. Furthermore, these claims are assessed in a thorough scientific manner using a Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) analysis in combination with a health and eco-toxicity screening.

If you’re looking to get some DIY done or have a project that requires timber, get in touch with us today to find out about how our Tan-E™ treated timber solutions can work for you.


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