Backyard Makeover Ideas on a Budget

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October special transform your backyard

As we head into spring, our backyards and outdoor spaces become the main area for lifestyle and entertainment.  After hibernating through winter, your relationship with your backyard maybe like your grass, “a little patchy”.  We made it our mission to give you some cost-effective solutions to show your backyard the love it deserves.  This way you can spend more time building memories with friends and family without breaking the bank.

Top Tip

It can be overwhelming to try and do the whole outdoor area.  Focus on creating pause areas or feature spaces. In this instance, we focused on creating a social corner to braai and enjoy this backyard space.

The before:

As you can see in the picture below, the grass and weeds had started to get out of hand.  All clutter and things like the old pallets, panels and trellises were making this space an eyesore.


We pulled out the weeds, reclaimed the timber from pallets (allocated for another project), cut the grass and cleared the garden beds.

The October Special Package we put together consists of the following:
1 x 1.2M Latte Bench
2 x .300 x .600 Rough Planter Boxes
1 x .600 x .900 Outdoor Coffee Table

The special price for this combo is R1250.00 which means you save 30% on this deal.  If you are on a tight budget, this is the option you will want.  If you have a bit more to allocate to upgrading your backyard, scroll down to see the other options we created.

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The After:

With this package (1.2M Latte Bench, 2 x .300 x .600 Rough Planter Boxes and the .600 x .900 Outdoor Coffee Table) we were able to create a very functional corner in a space that had become stale and dead.  For extra look and feel, we dressed the bench with a throw and some cushions and added the kettle braai for context. (not included in the sale)


Here is another perspective of the space.


We were very happy with the turn around we were able to create for very little money outlay and a bit of elbow grease.  We then decided to see how we can add more warmth to space and get away from the bare looking grey color of the vibracrete wall.  If you have a little more budget to allocate to your space the option below is going to give it that premium feel.

With the combo pack above we added some thin rustic fence panels and our very popular .200 high dropper edging.
1 x 1.2M Latte Bench
2 x .300 x .600 Rough Planter Boxes
1 x .600 x .900 Outdoor Coffee Table
4 x 1.8H x 2.1W Thin Rustic Fence Panels
4 x .200 Dropper Edging Rolls
A package like this will cost you R4 690.00 the big saving here is the initial 30% on the combo pack and then the 20% off on the Thin Rustics Fence Panels.

Grab this great deal from one of our stores or email

The premium look and feel on a budget.
As you can see the rustic panels really change the space by adding a warmer color pallet.  The dropper edging adds clean lines to the garden beds and the other items tie in perfectly with the look and feel.  Scroll down to see some more pictures of the space.


Here are some more after photos of our back yard ideas on a budget.


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