How a jungle gym added value to the lives of a big family with a small garden

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Jungle gym adds value to kids lives

In 2017, Julie Kynaston – the voice behind the Heart Mama Blog – made the decision to invest in a Pole Yard jungle gym for her three kids, Judah, Kira and Ilan. And she hasn’t regretted it once.

Julie and her husband, Ryan, knew they really needed to find something to help their little ones use up their seemingly endless supply of energy. The only problem was that they have a small garden which doesn’t allow for much proper play. And that’s where The Pole Yard came in. The family decided on our “Dassiejungle gym. Julie believes in getting the kids out of the house and into the fresh air regularly, and having a jungle gym in their backyard did the trick.

kid playing on a Pole Yard jungle gymBut just the jungle gym alone was not enough for the three active kids. On its own, the Dassie comes with a ladder, a cargo net and a climbing wall, and is only 1.5m x 2.1m. Which is why Julie and her family decided to add some extras to the play structure. As she puts it, “We customised ours by purchasing wood to create a sandpit at the bottom which has worked surprisingly well as the platform provides decent shade for the kids on sunny days. This also allowed them to continue playing in light drizzle too. We then recently customised our Dassie further by adding a wooden roof, fireman’s pole and – the kids’ absolute favourite addition – the bucket pulley system.”

According to the popular mommy blogger, “The kids were stoked when their dad turned Bob the Builder and brought out his hammer to knock this jungle gym together and it didn’t take long for them to learn how to have fun.” She goes to say that the pulley system has really been a highlight for the kids, especially when it comes to using their imaginations.

“We found the Pole Yard team extremely friendly and generous with advice on how to DIY our backyard dream into reality,” says Julie. “I’d highly recommend that you choose them if you’re thinking of investing in a jungle gym. Some helpful tips: find some friends with muscles to help speed up the DIY process, pay the little extra for delivery unless you have access to a big bakkie and make sure you treat the wood with linseed oil to protect it against the elements.”

That really is a glowing testimonial and we were so happy to be able to provide such joy to such a happy, healthy and loving family.

*You can find Julie’s original blogpost here.

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