An Eco Friendly Garden Solution For Landscapers

Posted by The Pole Yard
Tanalisede treated wooden planter boxes for eco gardening

Tanalised® E Wood Preservative Provides Landscapers With An Eco-Friendly Garden Solution

Nothing matches wood in versatility or appeal. Its warmth and natural beauty works wonders for creating a sense of balance and calm, which makes it the natural choice for landscapers and avid gardeners. However, in order to maintain its appeal the challenges of premature degradation due to wood rot and insects must be overcome with a wood preservation treatment.

While these treatment methods are effective, many are under scrutiny for not conforming to international trends of reducing the carbon footprint. As a result, landscapers now find themselves faced with the dilemma of how to embrace the ‘green’ eco-sensitive option while at the same time maintaining the natural aesthetics of wood.

Leeroy Deane, co-owner of the Riversdale Tanalised® E Treatment Plant in the Western Cape, says there is a solution at hand.

“With eco-trends on the up, this is a real concern for landscapers and a foremost consideration that is shared by gardeners who grow edible product in wooden planter boxes. The primary benefit of growing your own food is the knowledge that it is organic, which is a view shared by landscapers who want to create eco-sensitive ‘green’ gardens. It is for this reason that we have introduced products treated with the new generation Tanalith® E wood preservative as it embraces this same eco-sensitive ethos,” explains Leeroy.

Tanalised® E wood products have been awarded the Ecospecifier Global certification, which means that the product has undergone rigorous assessments that have verified it as a global environmentally preferable product.

TanalisedE treated planter box and trellis

Leeroy, who is also the co-owner of The Pole Yard – a leading manufacturer of landscaping products, says that environmentally discerning landscapers are becoming increasingly concerned about choosing wood treated products that tick all the ‘green’ boxes, while at the same time deliver quality assurance and longevity of the product.

Tanalised® E wood is pressure treated up to the H4 hazard classification, which means it is protected for use in permanent ground contact applications. This classification covers products such as landscaping sleepers, non-structural retaining walls, garden edges, fence posts and planter boxes.

While the United States, Europe and Australia have placed restrictions on certain traditional wood treatments, Tanalised® E wood preservative has proven to be the preferred global solution by conforming to international directives related to environmental responsibility. Locally this means that landscapers can embrace the Tanalised® E wood preservative as the choice product of the future when it comes to maintaining the beauty of wood without compromising the ethics of ‘green’ garden design.

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