Why a jungle gym is the best gift for a growing child

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Jungle gyms at The Pole Yard

The festive season is coming up quickly and when you’re a parent that means searching around for the perfect gift for your little one. Of course, they already have their list written out and double-checked. But you want to get them something that’s good for their development as well as a present that keeps them entertained. That’s why jungle gyms make the best gifts for growing children.

Inspires imagination – Are they protecting their castle from invaders? Or are they swinging through the jungle with a group of wild animals? Ask your child and they’ll tell you! Jungle gyms inspire kids to think outside of the box and play games that require them to open up to new and exciting worlds. Kids enjoy getting creative, but it’s up to you to give them the tools they need to use their imaginations.

Gets them away from screens – These days kids spend a lot of time in front of screens – whether they’re playing interactive learning games or watching the cartoons on a Saturday morning. While technology is an amazing thing, sometimes kids just need a break from the indoors.

Encourages them to get active – If you want to find a way to get your child to run around outside and get some fresh air, then look no further. A jungle gym encourages kids to climb, swing and slide in whichever way they please. The best part is that they won’t even think about it as exercising!

They won’t get bored – Video games get boring after a while and then you have to get them a new one. Once they’ve read a book you have to replace it. Toys break or they get over them. Jungle gyms, on the other hand, are always fun. Because kids are constantly creating their own games when they play on jungle gyms, they’re not likely to get bored of them.

It’s easier to assemble than you think – Most people think that jungle gyms are hard to put together, but Poleyard makes putting together your very own jungle gym extremely easy and completely hassle-free. You can also have a look at our pre-designed jungle gyms for sale.

It’s important for growing children to exercise, get some fresh air and use their imaginations. So, if you’re looking for the best gift you could possibly give your child, why not think about giving them their very own jungle gym? Remember, it will also keep your kid busy over those long December holidays!

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