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In life, many of the most important things are also some of the least fun or entertaining. Nobody likes the dentist, going to the doctor, filing taxes. Yet, these are essential to living. Many of us sigh at the realisation that healthy food, for example, means food that isn’t tasty.

But that is the sacrifice we make so that we can live better lives. Some, however, won’t accept that.

For example, fitness experts have used obstacles courses, self-imposed restrictions and competitions to try get themselves and clients into shape.

The San Antonio Express reports on folks who are making a name and living for themselves doing this:

“TV shows such as “American Ninja Warrior” and “Wipeout” are inspiring people of all ages to traverse monkey bars, scale walls, climb nets and swing from gymnastic rings.

“During a typical workout, DiPane, 37, runs up a 15-foot curved wall at Power Park Fitness in Spring Branch. After conquering that, he wedges himself between two parallel walls and climbs down like Spider Man.

[Most clients] just want to get in shape without the tedium of a traditional gym.

“’It’s not just that you’re working out,’ said Joan Nwakaihe, 24. ‘You’re having fun.’”

By getting rid of the boredom and tedium factor, people get the benefits without the slog.

This is precisely why parents install pools and jungle gyms, to encourage the children to play outside and stay in shape and healthy.

People have found other ways to stay in shape, while not being bored or feeling like the activity is a chore. Obviously being in competition is one way, as you are rewarded in other ways that don’t need to focus on getting fit. For some, the whole point is that fitness isn’t its own reward – gold medals, bragging rights and so on. This makes you want to do better than your friends or colleagues, which itself means you push yourself and try harder – and become healthier.

You can also use mere walking to stay in shape: this could mean hiking or touring the city on foot. This lets you distract yourself with sights and sounds, rather than just numbers and sweat. Plug in some music, measure you speeds, plot out routes and you can try to improve or explore further – again, this can itself become a competition.

Staying healthy doesn’t need to be a chore or boring, but can be a fun part to your day and life. It also has the added bonus of benefitting you greatly in the long run

Written by Terrence Stoker  / Thoughtful Health Blog

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