A Winter Project for your Garden

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Spending time in the garden does not have to end with the summer months. Winter is the perfect time to ready your garden for spring.

If you prefer small projects, use the colder months to give your gardening tools a proper clean. Or get a head-start on preparing the soil for the seedlings it will receive soon. Perhaps you want to start a worm farm or a compost heap?

For a bigger challenge, create a backdrop for the beautiful garden that’ll bloom when the days start to heat up again. Here are some ideas for creating a garden worthy of a magazine spread:

Create a reading nook
. Or just a sit-and-relax nook. A quiet, shady spot in your garden will work best; by a tree would be ideal. Once you’ve decided on the spot, put down a garden bench and hang a bird feeder. Nothing says spring more than the tweeting of birds.

Edge parts of your garden. Then fill up the edged sections with soil. This technique creates elevations in your garden, which makes edging great for adding interest to bland areas.

Pot some plants. All the plants in your garden don’t have to be in garden beds. By putting some in pots on the patio or throughout the garden, you can create a brand-new look for the outside of your home.

Go vertical. Trellises along a wall or topiaries in vegetable gardens provide climbing space for creepers. The latter is more functional than aesthetic, but still makes your garden look great. Pick creepers that bloom for the trellises and your garden will burst with colour once the flowers are out.

Decorate a wall. Most nurseries stock decorative items that can be hung on a wall in your garden. The most popular ones on the market are words and phrases done in wire, painted tiles, and ceramic hearts and crosses. Your personal style will determine what ends up in your trolley, but they’ll all work beautifully in just about any space.

Add walkways. Tree rings will lead visitors to where you want them to go. Bridges could seem out of place put just anywhere, but combine one with a water feature and it’ll all make sense.

Don’t have a water feature? Invest in one. Nurseries offer all shapes and sizes, and you’re sure to find one that’ll fit your budget and your garden. Would you prefer something that blends in with its surroundings? Then opt for a fish pond instead to create a tranquil spot in your garden.

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