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We at the Pole Yard are super excited to be a part of Dene Botha’s ‘man cave’ Manscapes exhibit at Decorex this year (25-28 April at the CTICC) and we wanted to share his fantastic blog with you as well as encourage you to support him with his chosen cause Dare To Share.

From the man himself…

So I get an email the other day say “Due to the success of 2012’s event, we would like to invite you back to Decorex to build the ULTIMATE OUTDOOR LAND-SCAPED MAN CAVE, to be known as “Operation Manscape”… Would you be keen?”

Oh hell yes… Game ON!

Now for those that don’t know Decorex is a four-day event at the CTICC from 25-28 April (Yes, next weekend), that has everything to do with STYLE.

In 2012 I was asked to come on board and design the Ultimate Man-Cave… I think we did a great job – Thanks to those that supported our cause.

My Decorex #Mancave2012

The way it works: Each “Celeb” (Blush 😉 ) is partnered up with a professional landscaper, they build the area, and we style it. We then use our area to raise awareness for a charity of our choice and to take donations for them. The Manscape with the highest donations get ANOTHER POT OF CASH for their charity from Decorex… Easy. And awesome.


Now that plot thickens when I find out who my landscaper is… THE POLE YARD! I mean are you kidding me?! Firstly I’ve known the owner, Leeroy Dean, since I was 12 y/o (He actually gave me my first job ever selling stickers at Cavendish Square), and secondly, their stuff is AMAZING! Soooooo proud to be involved with these creative geniuses!

Next up is the CHARITY:

Now I’ve done my fair share with the Rhinos, and will always support them. But I’ve been seeing what Dare to Share has been up to recently and it’s nothing short of inspiring. These guys are an NPO and act as the middle-man between corporates with plenty S.R dosh, and charities in need. BlikkiesDorp, Haven Night Shelter, Surf Shack, D.A.R.G… the list goes on and on.

To top things off:

Considering the theme is ‘wood and nature’, we’ve found ourselves some help to incentivize YOU to support… The wonderful folks at KAUAI South Africa (who have just turned 18 y/o) and Scheckters Organic Energy (Powered by Nature) have jumped on board this exciting concept. Anyone that comes down to the Manscape area, checks out our stand, and puts something in the charity box will be treated to a cold Scheckters, and some healthy tasty food from Kauai… Too good to refuse right? Yeah, I know 🙂 Nom nom nom…

So this is the deal:

Get on down to Decorex next weekend, come say howzit at “DENEBOTHA and THE POLE YARD” Manscape area, donate some of your dollars to a WORTHY cause, have some tasty food, get some organic and natural energy, meet some people, have a laugh, see some creativity, and help us win!

How could you not want to get involved with these guys???
(The Pole Yard team and THE BIG DADDY chair at Rocking the Daisies)


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