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      Diameter of latte poles, eucalyptus poles and gum lathes varies and is measured on the smaller end. Larger diameter and longer lengths are available and are subject to quotation as per enquiry.

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      Machine-Turned Poles

      These cylindrical poles are supplied as treated or untreated South African pine poles. They are lathe turned or machined pine poles and have an equal diameter throughout their length. These poles can be used in the fencing and construction industries as well as the popular ranch-style fencing and jungle gyms. The wood lathes for sale are available in larger diameter and lengths as requested. Diameters are measured in millimetres.

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      Ranch Style Post & Rail

      These cylindrical poles are supplied primarily for fencing, the equestrian trade, domestic fencing, schools and parks. This aesthetically good-looking ranch-style fencing is smooth to the touch and durable.

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      Tapered Poles

      These poles are SA Pine CCA H4 treated. The poles have been 'peeled' - sent through a machine to remove their bark. They are available in various diameters and lengths. These poles are primarily used in the fencing and building markets. Diameter of pole varies and is measured on the smaller end. Diameters are measured in millimetres on the smaller end.

We are specialists in treated timber poles. We supply a complete range of pine timber poles and are have the largest amount of gum poles for sale, like gum droppers and lathes. We will deliver the treated poles to your doorstep.

All our wooden poles are treated in accordance with SABS standards. While a tapered wooden pole falls under the specification SABS 457, a cylindrical wooden pole falls under SABS 1288. Using Tanalith treatment, we produce weather-resistant poles that won’t leach or affect surrounding vegetation. Further, our pine and gum poles won’t rot or be eaten by insects.

Wooden poles that are used for different applications need to be treated in different ways. Poles that are to be used in a jetty, for instance, need to be treated more thoroughly than poles used for roofs.

However, you’re welcome to also enquire about alternate treatment options to suit your project.

If you’re not too sure what gum or pine timber you need and are a bit overwhelmed by all the technical terms and specifications, no need to worry. Simply bring us your ideas or drawings and our trained staff will assist you.